Kindergarten Program

(fee:  Annual fee into even weekly installments of $175 per week for instructional class)

Most friends attend the public school in the WSSD. We request or have AM Kindergarten at the home school, followed by an afternoon program at Little Hands. The Kindergarten extension program will enable children in WSSD to attend Red Mill, Fishing Creek, Fairview or Newberry, and receive an academy portion of their day to include activities included above in the full day program and other fun and enriching activities. Transportation is included in this program.  Enrollment is a minimum of three days per week in this program.

This program provides a full day of academic learning and structure, It is not a play day for the afternoon. Teachers and aides guide children through further enrichment and learning in a thematic program, with extra support by our lower teacher-student ratios. Children can attend Little Hands for Private School Kindergarten as a half or full day program as well. Consult the director for further information.

*Note open for full day coverage on WSSD in-service days off along with many other closed days for the WSSD at no additional fee.

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