Refrigerator notes about tangible rewards

picture• Define appropriate child behavior clearly.
• Make the steps small.
• Gradually increase the challenge.
• Don’t make programs too complex
– choose one or two behaviors to start.
• Focus on positive behaviors.
• Choose inexpensive rewards.
• Have daily rewards.
• Involve your child in choosing rewards.
• Get the appropriate behavior  rst, then reward.
• Reward everyday achievements.
• Gradually replace rewards with social approval.
• Be clear and speci c about rewards.
• Have a varied menu.
• Show your child you expect success.
• Don’t mix rewards with punishment.
• Consistently monitor the reward program.
• Co-ordinate your program with your child’s teacher.

Examples Of Behaviors To Reward With Stars And Stickers:

• Getting dressed by him/herself before the timer goes off
• Eating politely with spoon
• Making it through the night without wetting the bed
• Making the bed in the morning
• Not teasing siblings for 30 minutes
• Going to bed when asked
• Complying with a parent’s request
• Sharing with sibling
• Doing homework
• Reading a book quietly
• Turning off the TV
• Watching only 1 hour of TV
• Helping set the table
• Staying calm when frustrated
• Putting dirty clothes in hamper
• Use friendly words
• Using toilet
• Washing hands before dinner
• Brushing teeth
• Staying by side of grocery cart
• Using words to state needs
• Sleeping in own bed all night

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